It Is Time To Heal

For Abuse Survivors & All Those Who Have Been ABused

Abuse Survivors & Other Problems
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This community is for all those people out there that have suffered from abuse and those who have suicidal tendencies. We encourage you to tell us about your problems and we will try to help. We won't blame you for anything, and if you have a question just ask. You still have problems so we want to hear them.

1: Do NOT comment to a post with anything negative or degrading. Your comment must be positive.

2: DO NOT bash other members. People are here for help and to be listened to, not to be told they are stupid and just looking for attention. You WILL be banned.

3: Leave all fighting outside of the community.

4: This community is for HELP. No one cares if you need more LJ friends. These posts will be deleted and you will get one warning, then will be banned.

4: Do NOT give any members ideas on how to commit suicide. Don't coach them and tell them what ways are easiest and quickest. This will not be tolorated. You will be banned and turned into LJ Abuse.

5: NO TROLLING. Period. 1 Warning.

6: If you post pictures, please use an LJ-Cut. And please don't post alot of pics. But we do encourage a few pictures.

7: NO quizzes or meme's. They will be deleted immediatley.

8: You can post communities, BUT only if they have anything to do with the subject of the community.

Thank you for you time on reading the rules.

Your Mod nickolla_wolf

Suicide: 800-784-2433
Runaways: 800-231-6946
Rape: 800-656-HOPE
Child Abuse: 800-422-4453

National Depression and Manic Depression Association: 800-82NDMDA
Depression Awareness: 800-421-4211
*Depression Hotline: 800-551-0008

Rape/Sex Abuse Hotline: 800-551-0008

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