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It Is Time To Heal

support site and some of my life

Abuse Survivors & Other Problems


support site and some of my life

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hi first of all, i made a support site which has sections on abuse. http://selfhelp.yuku.com

i wrote this poem because it shows how i feel
Overrun by powerful emotions
Trapped at a dead end
Only way out is to conquer the dreaded emotion
It's like a shadow so dark and menacing
I avoid it at all times

The shadow follows me wherever I go
Never relenting
Becoming more powerful as its quest progresses
The more I avoid it the stronger it becomes

Never letting me forget
Never giving me a moments peace
No matter how hard I try to repress what I'm feeling
Its always there
Growing stronger as each moment passes

Days go by
I get better at hiding behind a mask
Pretending to be normal
Soon the days give in to weeks
And the weeks surrender to months
Slowly my mask becomes reality
And I forget about the shadow lurking inside
Until one day
When the shadow takes over
Leaving me defenseless to its power
Left to fend myself in the wake of destruction

i have an abusive past and i just want to over come what happened to me but its hard because i have multiple epersonality disorder now and ptsd along with depression and cutting tendencies. idk what to do anymore and i hope that people sign up for my site cause helping others helps me.
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